PMR446 Licence Free Radios

PMR446 radios provide reliable, license-free communication in various environments, ideal for professional and recreational use.

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    Motorola XT460 Motorola XT460

    Motorola XT460

    The XT400 Series radios combine outstanding quality with excellent affordability, offering crisp audio and reliable performance even in demanding conditions. These radios are designed to handle hard use, high noise, and harsh environments, ensuring...
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    Motorola XT420 Motorola XT420

    Motorola XT420

    The XT400 Series radios offer an exceptional blend of quality and affordability, designed to perform reliably in demanding environments. These radios deliver crisp audio and robust performance, even in high noise or harsh conditions, making them ideal...
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    Motorola CLR446 Licence Free Radio Motorola CLR446 Radio

    Motorola CLR446

    Motorola CLR446: Built for Tough Conditions, Clear Communication The Motorola CLR446 is a compact and reliable two-way radio designed for demanding workplaces. Here's what it offers: Built to Last: Sleek, Compact Design: Fits comfortably in your hand...
    £114.95 - £134.95