Zone 2 Tablets

Boost safety with our Zone 2 intrinsically safe tablets, engineered for reliability and peace of mind in hazardous environments.

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  • Tab Ex Pro DZ2 Intrinsically Safe Tablet Tab Ex Pro DZ2 Android ATEX Tablet

    Tab-Ex Pro DZ2 Tablet

    Mastering Efficiency in Hazardous Zones: Introducing the Tab-Ex® Pro DZ2 Power up productivity in both Zone 2 and Class II Division 2 environments. The Tab-Ex® Pro DZ2 isn't just a rugged tablet; it's a game-changer in efficiency and safety for...
  • Tab Ex 03 DZ2 ATEX Tablet Tab-Ex 03 Intrinsically Safe Tablet

    Tab-EX03 Zone 2 Intrinsically Safe Tablet

    Unlocking Efficiency and Safety in Zone 2: Introducing the Tab-Ex® 03 The next generation of productivity for explosive environments. The Tab-Ex® 03 isn't just an intrinsically safe tablet; it's a catalyst for safer, more efficient operations in...
    £1,439.00 - £1,869.00
  • IS930.2 isafe Mobile tablet zone 2 IS930.2 ATEX Tablet

    IS930.2 Intrinsically Safe Tablet

    Powering Performance in Hazardous Zones: Introducing the IS930.2 Unleash your frontline potential with the IS930.2, the intrinsically safe powerhouse for Zone 2-22 environments. The IS930.2 isn't just a rugged tablet; it's a catalyst for efficient and...
    £1,813.00 - £1,925.00
  • IS910.2 Zone 2 ATEX Tablet

    IS910.2 Intrinsically Safe Tablet EU (Camera)

    Empowering Productivity in Hazardous Zones: Introducing the IS910.2 Unleash efficiency and safety in Zone 2 with the IS910.2, the intrinsically safe tablet designed to excel in demanding environments. The IS910.2 isn't just a rugged device; it's a...
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