Zone 1 Tablets

Increase safety with our Zone 1 intrinsically safe tablets, ensuring reliability and peace of mind in high-risk, hazardous environments.

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  • Tab Ex 03 DZ1 Zone 1 ATEX Tablet Tab Ex 03 ATEX Tablet

    Tab-EX03 Zone 1 Intrinsically Safe Tablet

    Unleash Efficiency in Explosive Environments: Introducing the Tab-Ex® 03 The future of Zone 1 safety and productivity is here. The Tab-Ex® 03 isn't just a rugged tablet; it's a revolution in efficiency and safety for frontline workers in the most...
    £2,849.00 - £3,249.00
  • Aegex 100M Windows Zone 1 Tablet Aegex 100M Windows ATEX Tablet

    Aegex 100M Intrinsically Safe Tablet

    Master Hazardous Zones with Confidence: Introducing the Aegex 100M Windows Tablet Experience the next generation of Zone 1 safety and productivity. The Aegex 100M isn't just a ruggedized Windows tablet; it's a game-changer for frontline workers operating...
    £2,975.00 - £3,162.00
  • IS930.1 isafe mobile intrinsically safe tablet IS930.1 ATEX tablet zone 1

    IS930.1 Intrinsically Safe Tablet

    Conquer Zone 1 Challenges with Precision: Introducing the IS930.1 Intrinsically Safe Tablet Unleash efficiency and safety in the most demanding explosive environments with the IS930.1. This isn't just an intrinsically safe tablet – it's your...
    £2,714.00 - £2,827.00