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3M PELTOR WS LiteCom Pro III Ex: Connect and Protect in Hazardous Environments

Experience the ultimate combination of advanced communication, exceptional hearing protection, and intrinsic safety with the 3M PELTOR WS LiteCom Pro III Ex headset. Designed for professionals working in potentially explosive atmospheres like oil & gas, mining, and other demanding industries, this ATEX-approved headset empowers you to stay connected, aware, and protected in even the toughest conditions.

Unparalleled Hearing Protection:

  • Blocks harmful noise up to 33 dB while amplifying low-level sounds for situational awareness (level-dependent function).
  • Meets stringent noise reduction standards for industrial applications.
  • ATEX/IECEx certified for intrinsic safety: Ensures safe operation in explosive environments.

Versatile Communication:

  • Built-in programmable two-way radio: Communicate directly with other LiteCom headsets or analog/digital radios on various frequencies. Program up to 70 unique channels for flexible communication.
  • Bluetooth multipoint connectivity: Connect to mobile phones, tablets, or other Bluetooth devices for convenient hands-free calls and music streaming.
  • External connection jack: Connect to virtually any communication radio, regardless of frequency, for wider compatibility.

Crystal-Clear Audio:

  • Noise-cancelling, waterproof microphone (IP68) ensures clear voice transmission even in challenging conditions.
  • Push-to-listen function allows temporary ambient sound amplification for improved awareness.

Enhanced Convenience and Durability:

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for long-lasting use.
  • Voice-operated transmission (VOX) for hands-free operation in loud environments.
  • Durable design with IP68 rating withstands demanding environments.

Additional Features:

  • Automatic low-battery warning.
  • Hygiene kit included for immediate use.

Benefits of Using the 3M PELTOR WS LiteCom Pro III Ex:

  • Work confidently in hazardous environments while staying protected, connected, and aware of your surroundings.
  • Enjoy clear communication on various channels and devices for improved teamwork and productivity, even in explosive atmospheres.
  • Maintain situational awareness through the level-dependent hearing protection and push-to-listen function.
  • Benefit from a durable, user-friendly design with convenient features for long-lasting comfort and performance.
  • Comply with safety regulations and industry standards with ATEX/IECEx certification.

Ideal for:

  • Oil & gas workers
  • Miners
  • Chemical plant personnel
  • Emergency responders

Invest in the 3M PELTOR WS LiteCom Pro III Ex and experience the future of connected, protected, and compliant work in demanding environments.


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