PM351 Accessories

Increase your Point Mobile PM351 experience with our range of accessories. Designed for worker comfort, the PM351 boasts a light and slim body, with two keypad options and three scanner choices.

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  • PM351 LCD Protection Film

    PM351 LCD Protection Film

    Safeguard Your Point Mobile Screen: PM351 LCD Protection Film (10 Pack) Shield your Point Mobile PM351 device from scratches, cracks, and everyday wear with the PM351 LCD Protection Film 10-pack.: Unwavering Protection: Crystal-clear...
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  • PM351 Handstrap

    PM351 Handstrap

    Secure and Comfortable Scanning with the PM351 Handstrap Enhance your mobile data capture experience with the PM351 Handstrap from Point Mobile. This versatile accessory keeps your rugged PM351 terminal securely attached to your hand, promoting comfort...
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  • PM351 4 Slot Battery Charger

    PM351 4 Slot Battery Charger

    Power Up Your PM351 Fleet with the Efficient PM351 4 Slot Battery Charger Manage your Point Mobile PM351 batteries effortlessly with the PM351 4 Slot Battery Charger. This convenient dock simultaneously charges up to four batteries, ensuring your team is...
  • PM351 Two Slot Cradle

    PM351 Two Slot Cradle

    Streamline Charging for Two PM351 Devices with the PM351 Two Slot Cradle Manage your Point Mobile PM351 fleet efficiently with the PM351 Two Slot Cradle. This convenient charging solution simultaneously powers up two devices, keeping your team equipped...
    £125.00 - £145.00
  • PM351 Single Slot Cradle

    PM351 Single Slot Cradle

    Simplify Charging and Keep Your PM351 Ready with the PM351 Single Slot Cradle Designed for convenience and efficiency, the PM351 Single Slot Cradle provides a dedicated charging solution for your Point Mobile PM351 rugged handheld terminal. Streamlined...
  • PM351 Gun Handle

    PM351 Gun Handle

    Enhance Your PM351's Performance and Comfort with the PM351 Gun Handle Transform your Point Mobile PM351 into a powerful scanning powerhouse with the PM351 Gun Handle. This versatile accessory seamlessly integrates with your PM351, offering several...
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  • PM351 Spare Battery

    PM351 Spare Battery

    Extend Your PM351's Powerhouse Performance with Reliable Spare Batteries Ensure uninterrupted productivity in your demanding work environment with the Point Mobile PM351 Spare Batteries. Designed specifically for the PM351 rugged handheld terminal, these...
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  • Stylus Pen and Tether

    Stylus Pen and Tether

    Enhance Your Precision with the Essential Stylus Pen and Tether Set Experience seamless touch control and improved accuracy on your Point Mobile with the Stylus Pen and Tether Set. This convenient and versatile accessory pack offers precise touch...
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  • PM Power Supply

    PM Power Supply

    This PM Power Supply provides a reliable and convenient way to charge your devices. It offers 5V 2.0A of power, which is enough to quickly charge smartphones, tablets, and other small devices. The USB Type-C connector is reversible, so you can plug...
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  • PM Spare Type C USB

    PM Spare Type C USB

    The Versatile Champion: Understanding USB Type-C Cables The USB Type-C cable, often simply called Type-C cable, is the future-proof champion of the USB world. Replacing older USB standards like Type-A and Type-B, it boasts a sleek, reversible design,...
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  • PM Adaptor Plug

    PM Adaptor Plug

    The PM Adaptor Plug is a versatile travel adapter, it is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry with you on your travels. The PM Adaptor Plug has a built-in surge protector to help keep your device safe from electrical damage. Universally...