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SLR5500 Repeater

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SLR5500 Repeater

SLR5500 Repeater


SLR5500 Repeater


Unleash the Power of MOTOTRBO with the SLR5500: Next-Gen Performance, Unmatched Efficiency, Future-Proof Reliability

Elevate your communication game with the MOTOTRBO SLR5500 repeater. This powerhouse solution delivers uncompromising performance, seamless digital integration, and advanced features for businesses demanding superior two-way radio service.

Unleash the Potential:

  • Unleash your voice and data: Experience crystal-clear communication and flawless data integration for a truly connected workforce.
  • Adapt and expand: Choose from flexible operating modes like Digital Conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, and more, adapting to your evolving needs.
  • Future-proof your investment: With 10x processing power, 15x memory, and 12x storage, the SLR5500 is built for tomorrow's communication demands.

Unmatched Efficiency:

  • Reduce your costs: Enjoy 40% lower power consumption compared to previous models, translating to significant energy savings.
  • Effortless maintenance: Field-replaceable modules and internal self-testing ensure minimal downtime and quick repairs.
  • Environmentally friendly: Sustainable construction makes the SLR5500 the responsible choice.

Unwavering Reliability:

  • Built to last: Rigorous testing and stringent quality criteria guarantee dependable performance in any environment.
  • Uninterrupted communication: 100% duty cycle means your system is always on, always ready.
  • Total control: Clear LED indicators, intuitive controls, and optional remote management keep you in the loop.

The SLR5500 is more than just a repeater, it's a communication revolution. Upgrade your system and experience the difference:

  • Enhanced productivity: Faster data transfer, streamlined workflows, and efficient communication boost your team's performance.
  • Improved safety: Crystal-clear audio, reliable connections, and advanced features keep your teams safe and connected.
  • Lower total cost of ownership: Energy savings, reduced maintenance, and long-lasting reliability deliver significant financial benefits.

Contact us today and discover how the MOTOTRBO SLR5500 can empower your workforce and transform your communication, full specifications here.


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